Fred: peace

Lund: grove, small forest

Hus: house

I’m Jeni, I’m a married Christian artist mother of three young wild children, learning the smallholding life in an old farmhouse in Denmark built at the end of the 1900s. We’re still trying to find out if it used to have a name of its own, or if the legally protected area of woodland (fredskov) that belongs to it has a name as well.

We moved in just before Christmas of 2017: Stephen, myself, and our three children who were 9, 6 and not-quite-2 at the time.

We’ve called it Fredlundhus. It’s our little bit of sanctuary, peace: our peaceful woodland home.

I’ve set up this blog to record bits and pieces of daily life, the changing of seasons, and how living here is changing us and challenging us and our thinking.