Fred: peace

Lund: grove, small forest

Hus: house

Time for a (re)introduction.

I’m Jeni. I’m bisexual, I’m enby, my pronouns are they/them. I’m also married with 3 children. I’m late-discovered autistic with adhd which makes life SO MUCH FUN. I’m a British mongrel, living in Denmark, trying to learn the language.

We moved to our tinyholding just before Christmas of 2017: Stephen, myself, and our three children who were 9, 6 and not-quite-2 at the time.

We’ve called it Fredlundhus. It’s our little bit of sanctuary, peace: our peaceful woodland home. I’ve set up this blog to record bits and pieces of daily life, the changing of seasons, and how living here is changing us and challenging us and our thinking.

I home educate / unschool my children, not to keep them away from the world, but so they have more of a chance to be part of it and understand it.

I’m an intuitive solitary hedgewitch, sometimes guided by Elen of the Ways and Hekate, and paying attention to Loki’s chaotic energy; living in the boundary between town and countryside, happiest in the daylight with trees, collector of tiny things, rocks and shiny things, and moss; happiest at night with candles and gin and books. I do not “summon stuff”. I am an artist and I create to stay functional enough to stay in existence.

I am anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-white-supremacy, anti-sexist, anti-ableist. I am pro-BLM, pro-vaccinations, pro-masking, pro-Europe, and pro-choice. You can keep your racist sexist ableist transphobia out of here.

There will be huge gaps in this journal thanks to frequent stress, depression, anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm. And I will not be filling those gaps unless I have the energy to do so.

This is my space.