New year new start new blah blah blah

I blog for me and I need to remind myself of that. If people read or follow or enjoy that’s great but as soon as I start thinking about THAT, the demand pressure level skyrockets (in my head) and triggers a vicious cocktail of demand avoidance and imposter syndrome and unattainable perfectionism (putting on a mask that I can’t maintain) and BOOM writing is impossible. Simply too many obstacles or steps or things to figure out, not least of which is “but where do I start? that bit requires some back story so you can’t start there; that bit makes no sense on its own; that’s just boring and tedious and nobody wants to read that; people will think you’re being pretentious; you *are* pretentious aren’t you, stop kidding yourself; what was it you wanted to write again anyway? oh you’ve forgotten, typical”

So here we are.


I’m Jeni. I’m bisexual, I’m enby, my pronouns are they/them. I’m also married with 3 children. I’m late-discovered autistic with adhd which makes life SO MUCH FUN. I’m a British mongrel, living in Denmark, trying to learn the language.I home educate / unschool my children, not to keep them away from the world, but so they have more of a chance to be part of it and understand it.

I’m an intuitive solitary hedgewitch, sometimes guided by Elen of the Ways and Hekate, and paying attention to Loki’s chaotic energy; living in the boundary between town and countryside, happiest in the daylight with trees, collector of tiny things, rocks and shiny things, and moss; happiest at night with candles and gin and books. I do not “summon stuff”. I am an artist and I create to stay functional enough to stay in existence.

I am anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-white-supremacy, anti-sexist, anti-ableist. I am pro-BLM, pro-vaccinations, pro-masking, pro-Europe, and pro-choice. You can keep your racist sexist ableist transphobia out of here.

There will be huge gaps in this journal thanks to frequent stress, depression, anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm. And I will not be filling those gaps unless I have the energy to do so.

This is my space.

Image may contain: text that says "What people think witches do: Conjure demons, raise the dead, hail satan, eat small children, ride on broomsticks What we really do: Drink a bunch of tea, use lavender scented everything, light a shit ton of sage and set off fire alarms, take baths with a bunch of herbs, buy tons of candles in every possible color, our tarot cards, and hoard crystals and essential oils"

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