Halfway through the year. I can barely remember what I did today. When I realised that, I remembered why I started this journal in the first place – literally as a way to record what I did in a day, to remind myself that I don’t just tread water, or somehow manage to stumble from one end of the day to another.

At dinner today Ben declared today had been AWESOME. We’d been outside, picked strawberries, he’d cleared, tidied, and rebuilt the lego table, we’d watched Legend of Korra together, and had dinner together as a family.

I think I agree with him.

Today’s pictures:

First of the pea flowers
Finally some runner bean flowers
Meadowsweet – debating whether to try to make a cordial from it or not. Apparently it is similar to but even nicer tasting than elderflower!
Great mullein. This one is currently shorter than I am but I’m expecting it to get considerably taller.
The “wild” raspberry patch. Not wild raspberries, just an untamed border of the garden. We share these raspberries with the wildlife.
Freshly picked treasures. First of this season’s raspberries! and little forest strawberries and bigger cultivated strawberries. Happy little children!

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  1. Good to see you posting again! Daily life is definitely worth recording.

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  2. My Home Farm says:

    Garden’s looking good and health, and the raspberries look terrific.


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