The UK is in lockdown, Denmark is under movement restriction, schools are all closed. One of the best things to have come out of this from my perspective though is the sudden plethora of free online resources for children’s education. I gathered a handful of pages for us to follow over the next few weeks / months / however long this takes.


PE – The Body Coach – Joe Wicks has committed to doing a 30 minute livestreamed PE lesson every weekday morning 9am UK time, and we’ve followed live once and played catch-up twice so far.

Yoga – Yoga with Adriene is my personal favourite, and the kids enjoy Cosmic Kids.


I See Maths with Gareth Metcalfe is our current go-to maths resource. While the UK schools are shut he’s putting short daily maths lessons up on the website.

Danish Language

We’re still trying to figure this one out! There’s one website, loecsen, which I’m still looking through which has the potential to be more useful than Duolingo, but I will be looking for a tutor who can work with the kids via Skype or Zoom.


I stumbled across That Artist Woman recently and I think her blog could be exactly what we need at the moment. I’ve got some materials on order – paint and cardstock – and although I consider myself an artist, doing art lessons / art with the kids is something I’m shockingly out of practise with so I’m hoping this gives me some of my confidence back.


bytes n bits is our coding resource! We’ve yet to start using it, we need to get some basic stuff set up still, but Ben’s looking forward to making some cool stuff.

This week has been alright. It’s had its moments, I’ve crumbled a few times, but at least the kids’ learning hasn’t been one of the reasons.

Steve’s working from home, he’s set up in the attic; we’re figuring out what our new normal is going to look like with him being home-but-not-home. Coffee dates are a definite bonus for me. He’s struggling a bit with the loss of his pauses between work and home, and not getting outside every day. We’re working on it.

This week:

Monday we did PE followed by maths, then lunch and free time. I “went to school” in the attic room for my language lesson (very lonely, and felt like I was in a test situation, writing in silence – also a bit of an anxiety trigger having to write about the coronavirus).

Tuesday we did PE followed by free time. Our friends visited in the afternoon. The State here in Denmark has said that if you are all healthy, you can visit the same family for playdates. The kids were all happy to have company and our friends were so glad to be out of their house!!

Today we have done PE, and now we’re doing art / design / architecture. We’re building houses in Minecraft! After this we’re heading outside. I have garden work to do, and I’ve said we’ll collect some wild garlic to add into some cheese scones for tea.

So far, so good.


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