Catching the silver linings

Few years ago I journalled regularly on one of my blogs called “catching the silver linings” – because no matter how bleak things felt, I needed to have a happy space to retreat to with the beautiful moments or things that I could notice about a day. It became a habit that I’m a little out of practise for.

I also think that whatever is behind the writer’s block that’s stopping me writing on here is also stopping me taking those little silver-lining photographs because there’s a vindictive little voice in my head saying nobody’s interested in that, you took that same picture last week / last year, you take too many photos and they’re all samey samey boring and won’t ever be as good as other people’s….

A post I just read about positive thinking sent me off on this train of thought though, and I think it may have given me the nudge I needed to give that voice the boot. I still use my instagram profile, and although it started out just as pretty pictures, it became pretty pictures with truthful words so the reality would be in the writing but I could choose to just scroll through beauty if that was what I needed.

Anyway for me positive thinking was choosing to stay mindful to the tiny moments or things that make life bearable, and allowing myself to gaze at them, allowing myself to enjoy them as fully as I could in that moment. And if I could, record that moment so that when I couldn’t see anything beautiful in the Now, I would have some recorded treasured moments to lose myself in for a while.

I think I need to get back to doing that. For me.


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  1. I hope you do start it up again – after all, the sun rises and the seasons come round unashamedly – but it’s ever the same twice. I’ve missed your blog!

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