The sun shone!

So we went outside. I wrote on my whiteboard last night what I hoped to do today and, even though by the time everyone had surfaced and eaten and cleared up and got dressed it was past midday, I got Erika’s outdoor clothes ready for the boys to help her into and headed outdoors by myself.

The pumpkins needed bringing in, and the plants cutting down for composting. And while I was there I decided the honeysuckle would get a haircut, mainly to retrieve the giant trombocino that had decided that was The best spot to develop. It was a romantic idea to let the trombocino grow up into the honeysuckle but, in hindsight, not an especially practical one. Still. The honeysuckle got a well overdue haircut. And then I got carried away and gave part of the path its autumn tidyup! Two hours later I realised it was time to hustle to get ready for school. Housework will have to wait til the morning!

The pumpkin patch: before…

And after!

Note to self: allowing the trombocino to grow up into the honeysuckle might look romantic but it is SO not practical.

Might not have been as prolific as last year, but these are beautifully huge pumpkins and trombocino!

All the cats kept me company, and it wasn’t too long before all the children came outside too. We’re going to try and make brooms this week so they can fly up to the climbing frame AND clean all the cobwebs off – I realised that of course it’s the cobwebs that are stopping them wanting to play on the climbing frame. In the meantime, they have found wand-sticks, and have been practicing the swish and flick of wingardium leviosa. They discovered Harry Potter a couple of weeks ago!

Was pretty cool to find the nest we suspected was in the honeysuckle. I’ve only ever seen blackbirds flying into the honeysuckle so it must have been theirs!


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