I’m desperately trying to stave off a total nosedive into burnout but last night I decided that today I would Go Outside. To collect conkers. It was as good a reason as any. It’s forecast heavy rain tomorrow so today was The day to get outside. And we did. The kids all got new winter boots yesterday so it was no effort at all to persuade them to come out.

I took photos. Of course.

Proper fun. How to remove conkers from their casing. Lob them, hard, at the wall!

Three happy pixies looking forward to trying all things pumpkin!

Think we may have hit the chanterelle jackpot this year!!

This caterpillar was in the middle of the road leading up to the farm so we rescued it and left it near the trees. Not tried to identify it yet.

Super happy that the top-onion bulbils I put in under the rhododendrons have taken and are sending out new growth.

Need to find my forager’s walking stick to get to these elderberries, they’re just out of reach beyond a nettle patch…

Happy conkers and treasure foraging basket. Including runner beans, and hazelnuts – turns out there IS a hazel tree in the grove next to my kitchen garden! Can’t tell you how excited I am to discover that!

Pretty certain that’s an actual chanterelle.