Life in black and white 1-10

My mum (thanks, mum) challenged me to join in with a ten-day black and white daily photo challenge. No people, no words. So I thought I would give it a go. I curate my life through photos, not that I’ve posted any here for a long time (the need to write something to go with them, by way of explanation, seems to stop me these days) so to make the effort to take one picture for the day in black and white was an interesting challenge. I decided to give myself an extra challenge on top and see just how high-contrast arty-farty pretentious I could make them. See if I still have the eye for a photograph!

So here they are. One a day. From tomorrow there will not be any words with the picture. Feel free to write an “inspirational quote” in the comments if you think of one that might fit the picture. (Feel free to make it a mildly sarcastic tongue-in-cheek inspirational quote…!)

//Accessibility: black and white high contrast photo is of an open purse containing insulin pens and needles.


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  1. janturnbull says:

    You’re welcome! And looking forward to seeing them all of a piece, on here.


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