Tues 4th December 2018

It didn’t take long for Ben to find the fun the elves had had. He carefully did his morning jobs around the mess, taking the cats’ food out to them, and when Charley woke up they emptied the dishwasher and put the coffee on together and then waited for Erika. Charley discovered the elves were still covered in flour! After Erika had been shown the floury snow-angels Ben decided it would be a good idea to clean it up so it wouldn’t be trodden in around the house. I’m impressed! Charley carefully brought the elves in for cleaning once I’d lit the fire, and later after lunch I relented and cleared the table to help the kids make painty butterflies. We made a lot of butterflies. I had to call time when I had no room left to move around the table, having been putting Erika’s butterflies on the floor because it was too risky to leave her unattended with the paint. She was distraught. It was hard. But thankfully a combination of Clash of Clans with her boys and a chocolate bar helped enough for me to clear everything into the kitchen…

Funny fruity faces tonight! Thankfully the pen ran out before Lumi really got a chance to draw – but I’m sure she’ll get her chance sooner or later.


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