Sun 2nd December 2018

Completely appropriate use of tinsel and toilet paper. Piper and Luna are already trying to lead the new girl Lumi astray. As I’m a bit overwhelmingly underprepared this year I think the elves will be digging out a few bits of decorations for the tree each day as well as whatever else I can think of to do, so the tree gets blinged up gradually. Sparkly silver pipe cleaners in today’s advent pocket to make some star decorations for the tree, with buttons glued on if I can find the right button tin.

This Martha Stewart tinsel star tutorial was my inspiration for our pipecleaner stars, and although we didn’t follow it exactly it was enough to give us a starting point to make some decorations. There was hot-glue involved which I took the stars away to fix with, and there’s still pipecleaners in the calendar pocket for whenever anyone gets inspired another day! So far Charley has been the most inventive, making a mobile to hang above his bed among other fun decorations for the tree.

It’s a lovely slowly-slowly approach to decorating the house for Jul so far.


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