Sat 1st December 2018

Late night panic last night because the mini tree had lost one of its legs and there’s no way I could risk bringing the proper advent calendars down (even if I had been organised enough to have bought mini chocolates to go in them) but at least I knew where the elves were! Tree wedged in a beer tankard and decorated with pants and socks in frustration that the decorations were still buried. This year a new elf has come to life – she’s called Lumi and is going to be even more impossible to position given the style of soft toy she is 😂

Even though I didn’t get the beautiful wooden calendars down, I have one that is bunting pockets. I put a couple of sheets of stickers in day 1 to prompt some christmassy picture making and for the first time EVER the kids actually got stuck in with the first craft prompt of advent! It was a proper collaborative affair and they made some lovely pictures to hang up.

The main Tree went up today. Our “Travelling Tree” that we bought in the sales after our first Christmas married, after the real tree we bought that year shed its needles (and we were still finding them years later when we moved house). It’s been everywhere with us except for our year in Finland.

We added the lights, and only really added them because they’ve been up all year over the window anyway! And that was it. Decorations will go up slow and steady this year in an attempt to not overwhelm any of us.

It looks so pretty from the bedroom already!


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