Thurs 30th August 2018

Today’s accidental gathering!

Went out to look at the veg garden and ended up thinning the carrots and pulling a few stalks of wild onion (possibly allium canadense).

Went out later on to smell the rain and regarded the tiny-plum tree and finally identified it as Purple Leaf Plum Tree which happens to have edible fruit good for jams and ended up picking enough to pickle a jarful in vodka. Needed a crowbar to hook over the branches!

Picked a few victoria plums to keep accessible on the table as Charley loves them.

Then we went for a walk through the woodland and Tiger came and guarded us (she was not happy about it) until we reached our invisible boundary where she stopped, and tracked us back through the woodland as we walked down the lane and found a lovely big puffball mushroom!

What a delightfully delicious day! Plums are going in vodka, baby carrots we’ll eat with hummus, and the wild onion will go with the puffball for breakfast tomorrow. Yum!


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