Tues 5th June 2018


From starting today off feeling like I could barely even manage to talk to the kids and that I was making an executive decision to stay in pyjamas all day and take it easy, today has been incredibly productive.

I made a cinnamon milk loaf,

There’s a sourdough in its tin finishing proving overnight,

I took all the outgrown clothes off the airer and semi sorted them to put away,

I washed and hung out a load of laundry,

I turned one of the boys’ old pyjama tops into a cushion cover,

And once Steve got home (having been at work all day – on a holiday day) and we’d played with Erika

and collapsed together on the swingseat for a while as the kids played on the climbing frame

I finally started feeling like maybe I could do some gardening after all. Started slowly, digging out an errant potato, pulling up an ash sapling, and by 10pm I’d taken up four raised bed frames, dug out five large docks (the last ones from that area I think!), marked out where the new growing beds will be, raked out the old compost to sort of start levelling the area, and pulled out a few big bits of root systems that didn’t need to be there any more. Erika appeared many many times, refusing to wear shoes of course, so had to be returned to the house every time – there’s still so much broken glass around, it’s so frustrating, every time you hoe or rake or it rains there’s more shards of twinkling shattered glass appear, ready to pick up. It’s just not safe to be barefoot in the veg garden.

Absolutely shattered now. Doubt I’ll ever learn to actually take it easy when I ought to. Take it easy tomorrow instead maybe??!

Am assuming at least one of the cats will have leapt at the chance to climb into the loft via the open stable door while Steve was fixing an easier system for me to get water for the plants, especially as they haven’t appeared for their supper tonight, but given TigerMochi’s ability to magically appear in a closed porch last time we’re going to assume that at least one of them will be smart enough to find their way out again. Can’t hear any miaowing yet so they can’t be too bothered about it.


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