Norwegian Rhubarb Cake

This rhubarb has been sitting waiting not ever so patiently in my kitchen since Tuesday, waiting to be made into something yummy, but headspace has been rather compromised so it’s just had to wait.

Today after another head-crumble I finally got chance to find a recipe that fully appealed to me, and to make it – when cake is what you want, cake it has to be, and the world crumbles around you as the opportunity for cake appears to slip further and further away…

But here it is. A simple Norwegian Rhubarb Cake. Follow the link for the recipe! Feels kind of fitting to be using a nordic recipe, somehow.

I definitely overestimated how much rhubarb I’d be able to fit on the top of the batter, and I don’t know how much difference it makes but after chopping up the rhubarb I covered and mixed it with a couple of big spoonfuls of soft brown sugar which had all dissolved in the leaky rhubarb juice by the time I needed it, hoping to give it a bit of extra help to deal with the tartness.

I’ve more than enough left for a batch of rhubarb scones now though!

It is actual rhubarby cakey perfection. And it might be my absolute favouritest early-summer cake ever. It’s crying out for some custard now though!

Oh. And the rest of the rhubarb never made it as far as scones….


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