Weds 9th May 2018

Me at the beginning of the day: right, let’s write our jobs down so we don’t forget that stuff needs doing.

Me at the end of the day: oh, I remember writing this list!

What I want to achieve today:

  • laundry✔️
  • take and set up laminator upstairs
  • set sewing machine up properly and test it to make sure it works
  • put a sewing basket together for patching pyjamas✔️
  • water plants✔️
  • chop and freeze rhubarb
  • put wellies on and stomp some paths through the grass (and hope we can get a lawntractor soon)
  • check when the next Big rubbish collection is
  • pull up some more weeds
  • try to figure out where to build some compost bays✔️

But, after a slow and fairly early start requiring gratefully sitting in the sunshine like a happy lizard to warm up my bones (my goodness I sound (and feel) old)

it’s been a hot and tired day and I’m honestly just relieved I got some laundry done. Found the kids’ water bottles so they could take drinks outside, only took about 10 minutes for Erika to figure out how to use them, she’d obviously forgotten from last summer (but last summer she mainly tipped her water out), and spent the rest of the day being distracted and absent minded and never really feeling like I was managing to do anything.

We did have cuddles though

And the kids picked dandelions

And Erika made friends with Tiger-Mochi (again… Tiger-Mochi likes Erika, just not her excited squeaking!)

Charley got excited when he spotted another different butterfly, we followed it around until it settled with its wings open and then did the most obvious thing to do – take a picture and send it instantly to our family butterfly stalker, my mum, for identification! It’s a Speckled Wood butterfly, or Pararge Aegeria. Charley was most happy with this information!

And the flowers continue to be beautiful. Even the one that came off in Erika’s hand. Its prime may be fading but not its beauty or its colour!

The not-leek is turning out to be a member of the allium family after all, but probably more from the ornamental side as it definitely had no oniony smell when I tore some leaf off. Funny thing. Think I’ll re-home them to be with the other spring bulbs near the house rather than be up on their own, once they’re done flowering.

On the other side of town Steve was waiting to hear whether the lawn tractor he’d spotted on the local trading page was still available, and mid-afternoon as he finally found out it had gone during the morning the colleague who had been ready to give him a lift to see/collect the machine started talking about the petrol mower he’d bought last year and had never even unboxed it because he realised it was too big for his garden… couple of minutes later they’d agreed on a price and brought it round after work!

After the frustration of finding the lawntractor that we’d bought from the previous house owners had mysteriously been stolen the night before we took the keys (we got some money back for that but it unsettled me a bit) and then finding the old petrol mower in the garage is a fix-up job, and not managing to stay long enough in Tebstrup at the weekend to see if we’d won one, it got suddenly very pressing to find something to deal with the grass before it got out of hand this week so this lawnmower is just what we need for now.

Think Ben needs another couple of driving lessons before he’s let loose on the garden, but I’d genuinely love to see what shapes he would carve out! I can imagine him being quite a sympathetic gardener, he has a soft spot for all kinds of things including dandelions and snails. He’ll even stand in front of a self-driving petrol mower to protect a snail!!

The boys think it’s awesome. Of course!

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