Mon 7th May 2018


Hardly took any pictures today. It’s been a frustrating day, Erika woke up sick, Charley had one of his headaches, and the sensory overwhelm was fighting as well. All I wanted to do was run away to the potting table but I was needed indoors and nobody else was in a mood to go out much. So we chilled and tried to relax and by midafternoon Erika had given up and gone for an early nap and Charley had had paracetamol and buried his head in the sofa to try to sleep his headache off. My module test is in a couple of weeks and with national holidays taking out two of my classes I only have three classes left before it so I couldn’t afford to not go to school.

So to school I went. And I’m glad I did. I need every bit of speaking practise I can get! I’m sure I’ll cope with the test, I’m just frustrated that I can’t remember things quickly enough still. It’ll come.

The one picture I did take today was on the walk back to the station with Chaine. It was still so warm that we didn’t need jackets – such a novelty! – and the sun was still up above the rooftops. Summer is almost here.


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