Thurs 26th Apr 2018


Had a little helper this morning. She wasn’t interested in breakfast or transformers. Only wanted to be with mama. I got the bread (still didn’t look like it was fully proved) into the oven and got to work. Over the course of making breakfast scones (brown sugar and pumpkin spice – oh-so-yummy!) and another bread dough I made quite the floury mess as a result. But it was kinda nice having her company and I didn’t forget the salt this time either! The scones were good, the coffee was hot, the kitchen was nicely warmed, the sun was shining (and the 90% chance of thunderstorms predicted yesterday had been downgraded to a mere 40%) and the boys were happy. Some mornings are definitely more awesomesauce than others, huh!

Then I remembered we were out of frozen pølsehorn for the kids’ lunches and that I’d decided I’d make pizza dough instead, to either make fresh pølsehorn or mini pizzas for them. Thank goodness the bakers’ yeast in the fridge was still good else that idea would have been out as well. But, the house was not as warm as I thought, and as our cooking thermometer has given up the ghost (after almost 18 years’ service it’s not done badly) (shame it took me almost 17 years to learn how to use it!) I had to guess at the water temp to mix the yeast into and went cooler rather than too hot just in case. So by the time Steve got home from work so I could go to school the dough was finally starting to prove big enough to think about using!

Today’s fun and frustration was brought to you by my brain. I lost my wallet. I checked my bag just to make sure it was there as I was leaving the house for school (nothing new there, final check that I have everything before I leg it to the bus stop) and oh. No wallet. Where’s my wallet? Where’d I last remember having it? At the grocery store on Monday?! It’s been missing since MONDAY?!! Ahhh nooo. So Steve checked the schoolbag I’d taken on Monday. I’d checked my bag three times already by that point and was on the bus (Steve had given me his card as I left so I could at least buy the groceries on my way home). No wallet. Threatened to put a real downer on my schoolnight (but thankfully Ulla my teacher managed to make me completely forget all about it by going through some of my written work with me before class!) but I have a great ability to completely temporarily forget stuff so school was actually great. And then I remembered on the way home. Still no wallet. Took the bus to the shops, discovered I couldn’t use mobilpay because apparently the app needed updating (I swear I updated everything only recently?!) and was grateful for Steve’s card. Chaine helped me lug the groceries back up to the station and after she’d got her teletaxa I sorted out all the groceries into the right bags and sat back to relax and wonder where the heck my wallet could be.

Looked down and there it was, in my bag, staring right at me.

Honestly. I’d checked my bag like five times. How’d it DO that??!! Relief and puzzlement all at once. I would drive myself mad if I weren’t half way there already.

Home again and Steve’s made pizzas for the kids (yay they love my pizzadough!) and the bread I made yesterday which took a billion years (felt like it) to rise and apparently had no salt in was actually incredibly tasty (and now I’m totally questioning my ability to pay attention) and it was really yummy with the rhubarb and strawberry jam I bought too – definitely going to make some of my own this summer!!

I’m glad Steve’s on holiday again tomorrow!

Today’s reading:

Taming the sneaky weed

because I need to stop that stuff from suffocating everything on my veggie bed. It’s not going to get eaten by us, it’s slightly aniseedy so Steve won’t eat it at all, and I’d rather let the other things breathe. So, I’ll be going out as often as I can, pulling it out as and where I can, especially in the veggie bed. Maybe eventually it’ll get the message…

Oh and I thought you’d like to see the painted basket planter and windowframe together! Slightly different shades. And once I find my nasturtium seeds again (I’m sure I’ve seem the recently) I’ll be getting them started. Happy days, planting bits and bobs, seeing if anything actually comes up.


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