Tues 24th April 2018

Synopsis (sorry, I am knackered and not getting much time to do anything let alone write right now)…

Lit the fire (bit chilly yesterday, and windy) – really lovely to see a full woodpile!

Played with Erika while the boys played upstairs with lego. Bounce, climb, relax, repeat!

Went out snail-spotting during a brief burst of morning sunshine

Learnt a fair bit about these slimy suckers

Spent a happy while photographing the buds I’d collected from the boughs we lopped from the tree next to the climbing frame

Marvelled at how beautiful the tulips were

Checked on the rhubarb and noticed what I’d assumed to be a dead stump sprouting new shoots

Painted one of the window frames on the shed outbuilding

Read a bit about what chicken coops need in them

Started sorting out a basket for growing nasturtiums in but couldn’t find enough stones to cover the base with!

Drank mulled wine (my goodness it’s potent, especially when you don’t drink very often)

Managed to keep the kids and me fed

Aced the boys’ bedtime and had them asleep by 10pm

Was still up with Erika jumping on me when Steve got home gone midnight and was still up with Erika jumping on me after he’d gone to bed

Baileys Chocolate Poke Cake (whoa… my mum sent me this link… I may have to try making it…)


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