Mon 23rd Apr 2018

Urgh. Steve was back to work today which meant for the first time in over a week I had to make my own blinkin morning coffee! At least it wasn’t so cool that I had to light the fire, and I even managed to sneak a shower while all the kids were awake because they were sufficiently fed and entertained and cheerful that they weren’t winding each other up and pretty much everything we needed was working as it should be.

Anyway. Synopsis of the day:

Watched the bluetits both on the feeder in the window from inside, and on the garage feeder from outside. Fairly unbothered by our presence!

Boys played upstairs with lego which meant Erika-mummy time

Boys took ALL their cuddles out for a school photograph (apparently they all go to language school) (cuddles were all over the bedroom floor later when I got home from school)

The flowers are getting more and more colourful by the day

The Christmas Rose my mum gave me as a housewarming gift is finally letting me breathe again, I thought I’d gone and killed it but now it’s planted in the ground it’s sending up new shoots and I am so relieved!!

And I had school and realised on my way out that my regular day to day “uniform” is total soccer-mom uniform and I’m not sure whether this is an entirely good thing or bad thing 😂


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