Sat 21st Apr 2018

It’s been alright today. Charley’s been okay, he’s not broken down crying at any point, he did go quiet once when he remembered about his tooth but it passed quickly. Keeping an eye on him.

I made pancake batter for Steve to cook this morning, had two cups of coffee and a brioche while making it, and then felt too sick to go for my planned wander down to the bramble patch. Took a while to get going.

But we have achieved today. In between pottering and cuddling and drawing and playing and snuggling with Tiger, Steve felled and cut up a tree for our now-stores, and I finished my basket! Our barefoot boy Charley got stuck up the climbing frame tree, Erika pulled Charley’s bike over on top of her, and Ben has been a brilliant big brother and needs a break of his own I think to be a kid again for a bit.



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