Mon 16th Apr 2018

Another ridiculously slow day. Maybe we need them?! Steve woke in the small hours and then couldn’t sleep until his alarm went off to get up – then he slept another two hours! And I got up fairly late too, bleary-eyed and desperate for coffee and painkillers (I need to get my teeth fixed but it’s a big job and will require a loan to pay for it). I don’t think I set the fire this morning, Steve went out on a grocery run so we’d have food in for lunch, and I think all I actually managed to achieve before going to school was have a shower! Had to force myself to eat something (which I’m grateful for now, but at the time it was an effort) so I wouldn’t be hungry during school, but basically today I have not really functioned.

I’ve looked stuff up though and found myself feeling inspired to try new things again. And maybe tomorrow I’ll get round to making some wild garlic pesto.

This is what happens when the kids help unpack daddy’s shopping…

Sunny school days require skirts

And because my buses get me to school 25 minutes before class starts, I get 20 minutes of quiet headspace!

Today’s reading….

Dye colours from red cabbage (I’ll definitely be trying to grow red cabbage then!)

Adventures in food based yarn dyeing

Wild Garlic Pesto recipe

Charles Dowding No Dig Gardening


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