Tues 10th Apr 2018

Well today has been a bundle of fun. Charley woke up throwing up at 7.30am and although he gladly went back to sleep, as did Erika (after giving me a moment of dread when she stood up and walked around me – thankfully only to get to my other side where she snuggled in and fell asleep), I was awake and hungry and aware that if he was vomiting as well as having diarrhoea I’d need to cancel all our planned visitors.

I was almost starting to look forward to today as well, even with a visit from home education supervision in the diary, because we had friends coming over too.

But not any more. Can’t risk it with D&V. Poor Charley has suffered, and Ben has been sad about not seeing his friends, but has coped with it fairly well.

Still, we made the best we could out of the day. The kids have all been outside playing, Erika loves the swing and the trampoline, I went out picking flowers (what a luxury, to have so many flowers that I can actually bring a few indoors!), I requisitioned a table in the attic and have finally got a temporary sewing area set up in the window (just need to find the cable again), and the kids did a lot of drawing with chalk out on the yard. Despite D&V and exhaustion and in between panicked dashes to the toilet it’s been quite a lovely day.

Oh and we found these things in one of the growing beds. Definitely a bit of a “what the actual heck are they?!” moment. Several friends have said it’s rhubarb so I’m one happy girl to discover we have rhubarb growing!!


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