Sat 31st Mar 2018


I’ve kind of claimed part of the upstairs as where our bedroom is going to be once it’s all fixed up but there’s one thing it’s missing. Moonlight. A few times now I’ve woken in the night and opened my eyes to find I’m sleeping in a patch of moonlight and it’s been quite magical and not at all disruptive to sleep (as in I’ve fallen back asleep instantly again). This part of the upper floor though, it’ll get flooded with light at sunrise but I’m not sure it’ll catch any moonbeams. Going to have to go and check at some point.

Up early today. I set my alarm for the first time in a while. Turned it off when it went off. Regretted that later on!! We had less than an hour to get everyone up, semi fed, dressed and out of the door to catch the 10:10 bus into town. It’s been a 7-hour adventure today, including a dash to the pharmacy in the morning to get insulin (they close at midday on Saturdays, and as most of Denmark shuts down including grocery stores for Thursday/Friday and Sunday/Monday over Easter today was my only chance to get insulin – good job we managed as well because my final lantus-insulin pen ran out tonight!), a birthday party in a nearby town (requiring a train ride and a lot of walking either side), and a grocery run (which Steve and the boys sensibly took off to a cafe while I took a sleeping wrapped Erika around the supermarkets) before heading home again. The joys of being beholden to public transport, which is infrequent during the week past or near our house but even more so at weekends. But we made it. Didn’t miss any of our connections (the bus being a few minutes late this morning saved us) and got everything done and home intact!

It has been bitterly cold again today, only just at freezing point but a biting wind with it. Back home it was so lovely to discover that even though we’d not lit the furnace at all this morning the inside of the house was markedly warmer than it was outside! Charley and Erika took their bikes for a quick spin, Steve got the fire going, I shivered, and Ben created another new Minecraft skin. Steve has been the glue holding us all together again today. He’s dealt with the fire, travel plans, and mail and bills, cooked dinners for us all, and led the way. Utterly grateful.

Maybe we need a crazy long day out more often than once in a while. Erika had a brief early nap in the wrap on our way home from Viby J, and was actually asleep before the timer lights switched off tonight. Hopefully, despite her stirring and coming to find me in the kitchen just as I’d finished clearing up from making pancake batter and a sourdough to prove in the fridge overnight, this might re-set her body clock and I’l finally start clawing back some evening headspace.

But the Easter Bunny still had jobs to do so once Erika finally finally stopped waking up and pulling me back for snuggles I put the house to bed and set the table for the morning. Part of me hopes they give this Bunny a lie-in in the morning. The rest of me doesn’t want to miss the chocolate hunt 🙂


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