Tues 27th Mar 2018

I’m not coping with this clock change! I wish I could just be allowed to change my expectations instead of trying to push everyone including myself to shift our lives an hour forwards. I guess I just need to allow myself a grace period to adjust, and be grateful that I can do that with this lifestyle of ours.

Fire, coffee, breakfast, sourdough, lunch, cheese and marmite bread, oh my gosh yum.

And in between, the stress of a shrew that appears to like the corner of the living room FAR too much.

I’m suddenly (from this week) more sleep deprived than usual, and it’s taking its toll. It’s been a hard day mentally and physically, the exhaustion-sickness has stopped me eating today, and I couldn’t even manage to eat much of the cheesy marmite roll despite how good it was. It was all I could do to force a pint of juice down to at least try to stay hydrated.

Still, when Steve got home we needed to bring some wood in, and I thought I’d seen a couple of suitable trees so we headed off in that direction. Of course I picked some good ‘uns…. one was only half seasoned, and the other one we ended up leaving most of it still stuck, hanging up by its canopy in the woodland!! By some superhuman effort Steve managed to bring back just enough for tomorrow’s firewood and we had to leave the bigger pieces behind as it was actually too dark to see by then. He set about processing the stuff in the workshop and I tried to feed the kids and the cats.

Tiger’s turn to come and be (semi) sociable tonight. Although it was more to do with the fact that Steve chopping up wood was just too noisy to consider eating the other side of the workshop door so she meowed until I took food and water out to her!

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