Weds 14th Mar 2018

Kids struggled this morning. Well, Erika did. Too much minecraft without taking Erika into consideration, and the room is still full of cardboard box creativity – which is great, but difficult to navigate through as a big human, and Erika wanted to play cars / rockets whereas the boys wanted to do their usual slow wakeups in front of minecraft.

I spent the morning getting very little done really, and ran out of time to get a sourdough loaf proving ready for baking this evening. In between helping the kids through their morning and being distracted by a tummyache I did get a bunch of logs all split up for firewood though. That was immensely satisfying, using an axe and a lumphammer.

The morning extended well into the afternoon and it was almost 3pm by the time I got lunch out for the kids (although you could argue that they had fruit for lunch, and then pølsehorn for an afternoon snack) (possibly) but I managed to get an apple “herman” style cake made using what I would have otherwise discarded from today’s feeding of the sourdough culture. Sourdough breadmaking tomorrow I hope, ready to bake after school; and regular sandwich bread today. The cake is alright, possibly not quite sweet enough but I tend to under-sweeten things anyway until I find the right balance for my taste.

I went upstairs and found the folder of old painted papers (back from when I ran Creation Station sessions!) that I was planning to use to cover the box-rocket with, but could not find my tub of gluesticks anywhere. I’ve no idea which box they got packed into. They’re probably mostly dried up now though, they’re that old… But Steve bought some fresh gluesticks on his way home so we could get sticking! (He also cycled to work today, first time since his surgery last month!)

I even let Erika have a very late nap so that the boys and I could do some sticking in peace haha. We turned the two car boxes into a submarine and got busy sticking the painted papers on, I was determined to cover up all the removal company’s names and logos!

Later, once the boys were in bed for the night, Erika “helped” me make a nose for the rocket and a cardboard tent for her Bunny.

Once she’d gone to bed I pulled out my new aran yarn cakes to see if I could get a gauge swatch about the right size, given I still can’t find my 6.5mm hook. After I’d put a new i-Port on and pulled a totally healthy supper plate together of port salut and salted crackers, cake, chocolates and paracetamol….


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