Monday 5th Mar 2018


Was it Monday today? It’s been so topsy turvy and stressy that I’ve reached the end of the day and am not entirely sure which day it was. Did Erika scale the kitchen units today without a stool? Was that today? Yes it was, it was today. She figured it out, persevered, and climbed up. Who needs stools anyway, right?! Apparently Steve has been showing her a friend’s climbing videos. Gonna have to stairgate the kitchen.

School was cancelled, that also happened, with no reason given. And it snowed enough overnight to make it worth going out and shovelling a path from the front door to the garage and the road. I even got a tiny little snowdrift against the gate! And I still had to go into town on a grocery run even though school got cancelled. And because I wasn’t prepared for anything because my head has not been on straight today, I legged it out to catch the bus to go shopping with only 19% battery left on my phone, praying it would last long enough for me to show my going home ticket to the next bus driver later on. It did. I am so grateful. Bought another big load of groceries online too, so that ought to arrive later on tomorrow afternoon.

Skanderborg is a mess though. A slippery, slidey, mushy snowy, semi frozen, semi cleared, mess. Slow driving and slow walking. Roads are kind of cleared but it’s hard to clear around parked cars. It was sort of raining when I was in town, so if it freezes tonight it really is going to be lethal.

I can’t even think straight enough to write properly about today, I’m so tired.

We have a visit from the education liaison chap from the Kommune tomorrow morning and nerves are high. The kids have picked up on my anxiety about it, and took ages to settle tonight. And of course Erika decided tonight she was not going to settle down at her (currently) nicely usual and manageable time but power through for an extra hour and a half. By which time I was hypo but when it’s taken an hour and a half to get a child to sleep, I’m not moving even to deal with a hypo unless I know that child is going to stay asleep when I move. (I’d move to deal with it if I was severely hypo and I know the warning signs well enough so please don’t think I was putting myself in unnecessary danger.)

The house is a tip, there’s toys everywhere, I haven’t tidied in over a week, we are still trying to settle back into some kind of routine after surgery and poorly and snow and stuff. When he called to make the appointment I thought 10am would be an okay time because Erika naps in the afternoon. Did not realise then that 10am now would be splat in the middle of getting the fire sorted and kids fed and everyone dressed. We don’t function on the same time system as everyone else and I’m fine with that, but it’s going to be a monumental effort tomorrow to get everything not crazy for when he arrives. (Is it so bad to hope the roads are icy and haven’t been gritted in time for him to drive over?!)

Aargh. Well at least the hypo isn’t an issue any more and I can go to bed. The glucose sensor comes off tomorrow though. It’s been a real eye opener having it on, and I think I’ll definitely benefit from using them long term. My sugars are just all over the place, even when I dose completely properly, so the sensors should give me a better idea of how to manage my own sugars better (and the diabetes team), even if it does mean going back to my slightly unconventional method of managing the lows rather than correcting for the highs. I wish this sensor set had the capacity to record how much insulin I was taking, and how much carbohydrate. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have just one little handset that could actually record all the different things a diabetic needs to track?! Is there such a thing out there? I wonder how much it would cost to self-fund…

Here’s a picture of what the kids have been doing most of the day, even despite being highly strung on account of my worries about tomorrow: creating stories in duplo, Erika included. It’s genuinely wonderful to watch. The duplo is everywhere now though, I gave up trying to gather it and have instead carved a path through the room.

And one final one from first this this morning. Because it’s still hugely satisfying when the fire lights first attempt!

Anyway. G’night. Before I fall off the sofa.


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